there is no greater story....

The Art of Birth


A birth story is one of THE most important and fulfilling types of photography that I offer.

Birth is very raw emotional and captivating.  My passion for birth comes from the empowerment of women, the complete amazing little miracles, and the story that surrounds each one of their beautiful faces. It is my honor to document this right of passage for you as a women, and milestone for your family as it grows and changes.

Clients are recommended to contact me as soon as they find out they are pregnant to get penciled in.... Im very good at keeping secrets ;)  I photograph in hospitals, birth centers or at your home and will travel up to 2 hours to document a birth story. I don't share any images without your permission. Of course I LOVE sharing the stories and images but it is your story and you give the ok.  I do require an in-person consultation before you hire me. You MUST be comfortable with me (or anyone) before you invite me into your sacred birthing space.

 My birth story's are all inclusive. This means they include the birth as well as the high resolution digital images. Clients can expect to receive 100-200 images, and usually many more. Clients also have the option for a unique personal birth video. Your finished edited images will be sent to you on your own customized USB. I also accept payment plans. I request a deposit of $300 to book your month and as long as the balance is paid 4 weeks before your due date, we can come up with any payment plan that you desire.

If your are not quit sure having your birth documented is your jam, I also offer first moments sessions and Newborn lifestyle sessions done in the warmth and comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in learning more about births, first moments and newborn lifestyle sessions please fill out the contact form and I will be happy to provide you with more details!