I'm Roxann, the artist and photographer!

Hello and Welome!


Located in Iowa, my world in the heartland is colorful yet quiet, nestled in the country with my amazing husband and our two fur babies. I am a social butterfly at heart and jump at the opportunity to travel. I also desire the peacefulness of being alone on our beautiful, timber surrounded acreage with my own thoughts and a cup of tea... or coffee :) depending on the hour. 


Although photography was initially my second outlet for creative expression, it has grown to be my my most favored. Painting would be my first, which has always been a natural resource for me to express myself. I picked up both artistic avenues as a young adult but it wasn't until recent that I decided to dive into photography and develop it into a professional lifestyle. I fell deeply in love with photography after I photographed my first birth. The emotions, rawness and empowerment that I captured and the miracle within itself was rewarding enough.... then to see how my clients reacted with tears of overwhelming joy after reviewing the finished product was over the top for me! I'll never forget that moment.


My photography style is very laid back with a journalistic approach. This is life folks, its messy, colorful, and fun and that is how I prefer to capture my beautiful clients. Out with the over the top posing and cheesy props, it takes away from the real subject and true beauty.  I strive to capture moments that show the family, person or childs personality and authenticity.  Life isn't perfect and neither are we, so lets be perfectly imperfect together. My style appeals to hip and modern families. I love being able to empower women with my photography.... no baby, pre baby or post baby. 


Thank You for stopping by and getting to know a little bit about me!  For questions or inquires please access my contact page, mailbox me, or call - yes I'm old school and still enjoy a phone call inquires :)



Lets' create art together!